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Argentine Resorts

International Resorts

  • Valle de Las Lenas: Mendoza Region; Top elevation: 3,340m (11,253ft); Vertical: 1,100m (3,904ft); Season: Early June to mid-October; 1 Quad Chair, 6 Double Chairs, 5 Surface Lifts; 5% Beginner, 35% Intermediate, 25% Advanced, 35% Expert.
  • [Official Las Lenas Web Site]

  • Chapelco: San Martin de los Andes Region; Top elevation: 1,970m (6,463ft); Vertical: 720m (2,363ft); Season: Early July to Late September; 1 Gondola, 2 Quad Chairs, 1 Triple Chair, 2 Double Chairs, 1 T-Bar, 3 Surface Lifts; 40% Beginner, 30% Intermediate, 15% Advanced, 15% Expert.

    [Official Chapelco Web Site]

  • Catedral Alta Patagonia: Bariloche Region; Top elevation: 2,050m (6,725ft); Vertical: 1,000m (3,280ft); Season: Early June to Early October; 1 Aerial Tramway, 1 Six-Pack, 1 quad, 9 Double Chairs, 2 T-Bars, 17 Surface Lifts; 15% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 20% Advanced, 5% Expert.

Bariloche is a huge area. It has an excellent lift infrastructure that includes a high speed, 6 person chairlift, a high speed quad, and an aerial tramway. In addition Catedral has an extensive snowmaking system that ensures skiing to the base most of the season. I was fortunate to visit when the resort had good natural snow from summit to base. The best skiing was in the upper mountain bowls and chutes. I was pleasantly surprised to find how steep some of the terrain is. The city of Bariloche is modern and beautiful. It rises on a hill overlooking a lake and the Andes. Beware of school children on their Winter breaks.

[Official Catedral Alta Patagonia Web Site]

  • Cerro Castor: Ushuaia Region; Top elevation: 1057m; Vertical: 772m ; Season: Mid June to Late September; 3 Quad Chairs, 1 Surface Lift.

[Official Cerro Castor Web Site]

Regional Resorts - Medium

  • Los Penitentes: Mendoza Region; Top elevation: 3,194m (10,479ft); Vertical: 614m (2,014t); Season: Early July to Late September; 2 Double Chairs, 1 T-Bar, 4 Surface Lifts; 20% Beginner, 30% Intermediate, 30% Advanced, 20% Expert.

    [Official Los Penitentes Web Site]

  • Caviahue: Neuquen Region; Top elevation: 2,095m (6,875ft); Vertical: 410m (1,345ft); Season: mid-June to late-October; 1 Double Chair, 1 T-Bar, 2 Surface Lifts; 40% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, 20% Advanced.

    [Official Caviahue Web Site]

  • Cerro Bayo: Bariloche Region; Top elevation: 1,730m (5,675ft); Vertical: 720m (2,360ft); Season: mid-July to Early October; 2 Double Chairs, 1 T-Bar, 6 Surface Lifts; 15% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, 35% Advanced, 10% Expert.

    [Official Cerro Bayo Web Site]

  • La Hoya: Esquel Region; Top elevation: 1,850m (6,070ft); Vertical: 500m (1,640ft); Season: Early July to Late October; 1 Double Chair, 1 T-Bar/Single Chair, 4 Surface Lifts; 10% Beginner, 30% Intermediate, 40% Advanced, 20% Expert.

    [Official La Hoya Web Site]

Regional Resorts - Small

  • Vallecitos: Mendoza Region; Top elevation: 3,300m (10,825ft); Vertical: 400m (1,315t); Season: Late June to Late September; 3 Double Chairs, 1 Single Chair, 3 Surface Lifts; 20% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 20% Advanced.
  • Perito Moreno: Ushuaia Region; Top elevation: 1,450m (4,755ft); Vertical: 450m (1,475ft); Season: mid-July to Late September; 1 T-Bar, 4 Surface Lifts; 20% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 20% Advanced.
  • Valdelen: Torres del Paine Region; Top elevation: 830m (2,725ft) ; Vertical: 250m (825ft); Season: mid-May through September; 2 Surface Lifts; 30% Beginner, 70% Intermediate.
  • Wolfgang Wallner and Glacier El Martial: Ushuaia Region.


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